WHaCKoLuG invites all LEGO fans, over the age of 18 from south-western Ontario to join us for our monthly meetings where we discuss anything and everything to do with LEGO (and sometime real life, too.) We are a casual group that enjoys the company of each other and spends a great deal of time deciding if you are playing with it right, in regards to LEGO.  We have been know to show up to dinner with LEGO in hand, showing our latest builds, collections, or acquistitions. Its like "show and tell" from kindgergarten, only better, because we order food and teacher doesnt make us put our toys away. We also work together discussing plans for our next display or considering things such as "field trips" aka ways to spend more money on LEGO.  

WHaCKoLuG was founded in 2009. We host a yearly get together in the new year, often display our creations at St Jacobs and we are actively involved in our favourite AFOL Convention and Festival… Brickfete.com

Please enjoy our photo feed from Flickr or join our Facebook page.

Organizers - Janey Red Brick & Jeff Van Winden
Location – Windsor, Hamilton, Cambridge, Kitchener, Orangeville, London & Guelph.
Contact – janeyredbrick@gmail.com


Date - 3rd Sunday of the month (except July & Nov)
Time - 6:30 (ish)
Location - TBD


Every ADULT (18 or older, please) fan of LEGO (collectors, sellers, hoarders, designers or tinkerers) are welcome!  Just drop in on us during one of our monthly dinners and join the fun! We are continually on the search for builders to participate with us. If you have any interest, please feel free to contact us or join our discussion group on Facebook.
For our displays, any skill level, theme and any size model are both appreciated and encouraged.